Should you give a dog as a Christmas present?

In my opinion, absolutely NOT! A dog is like a family member. They have feelings and emotions. Would you give your kid away? Sometimes you might feel like it, but you don’t act on it!  Getting a dog is something you should spend a lot of time thinking about before actually bringing one home. Who is going to feed him/her? Walk him/her? Then of course there are the expenses of owning a dog like grooming, vet bills, food and supplies. I know it looks exciting to see kids open a box and that cute little puppy bounces out on Christmas morning, but give some thought before you do this. So many rescues have pets that were given with the best of intentions only to become discarded a month or two later when they start growing and chewing on everything!

Be considerate this Christmas. By all means, if a dog is something you have planned for and your family is ready to bring that sweet little puppy home check out dog rescues. They have so many that need fur-ever homes! Not only do puppies need love, but keep in mind there may be an older dog with special needs that just wants to be loved.

Just be prepared before deciding to bring a dog into a home during the hectic Christmas season.

Meet JoJo. This is our sweet little boy who came to us a year ago from a hoarding situation. He’s 5 yrs old and has cataracts and stiffness in his hip joint. When you rescue a dog with special needs you have to be prepared to do whatever is necessary to help them. JoJo can’t jump so we pick him up to put him on the sofa or bed and we have to make sure the lights are on so he can see where he is going. He can’t see if its too dark. He loves to cuddle and he just wants to be close to you. I can’t imagine how people can mistreat these little guys. So, before you give a dog as a gift this Christmas just make sure you are prepared to take care of him/her!  They depend on YOU!

JoJo on couch

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