New Year, New Adventures!

Happy New Year! Let’s make 2022 an exciting year with new adventures. You don’t have to travel far to find new places or new things to do. We started our New Year out by adopting a puppy. There are so many animals in need of a loving home. Now is the time to open your hearts and make it a bright new year for one of the lonely little guys. If not adopt, just make a donation to one of the many shelters.

Look for new restaurants to help local businesses. Within the past couple of years, a lot of businesses did not make it. Let’s help those who are coming back stay afloat. We found a great new restaurant in Oldsmar, Fl., The Beachwood Seafood Kitchen & Bar. I highly recommend the “Chilean Sea Bass”. The menu is primarily seafood, however; there are other options for land-lovers! Prices are reasonable and the service is fantastic. Their address: 4022 Tampa Rd., Olsmar, Fl 34677.

Stay tuned, we are always finding new places and new things to do!

Great experience at “Ford’s Garage,” a garage-themed restaurant!

Horns blow from the hanging car!

Gas pump nozzle and a real tire for a ladies room sink!

This car had smoke coming out the back and the tires spin!

What a surprise to see a restaurant with cars, tires, gas pumps and door handles made from gas pump nozzles! And, the food was fantastic! I can recommend the Cali burger for sure!!

Ford’s Garage is located on Causeway Blvd in Brandon, Fl. A fun place to visit.

Safety Harbor Resort & Spa

Relax and enjoy being pampered! We had a 2-Day Spa-cation at the Greek-themed Safety Harbor Resort & Spa. A great get-away for men & women. The morning was filled with Herbal Wraps, Facials, Massages, spa manicures and Mineral Springs baths! Then we just melted away the afternoon by the pool with the mild breeze from Tampa Bay. If you feel energetic, the park is just a few steps away with walking paths. Finish the day with a great meal in the hotel’s restaurant. Try the seabass – wonderful!

Take a trip back in time!

Remember diners and homemade burgers? Well, if you want a real homemade burger and a thick, creamy milkshake stop in at the Shake Station in Ellenton, FL! You need two hands to hold these juicy sandwiches and a spoon for the best, thickest, shake! Not to mention, the crispy onion rings and fries. Even on a diet you need to splurge once in a while. Lol

Best chocolate shake!

Best Maryland crab cakes around!

While at the beach at Pass-A-Grille on St Pete’s Beach, we ate lunch at The Brass Monkey. Since I am originally from Md., the “Monkey crab balls” looked interesting. I was NOT disappointed. They were delicious and reminded me of the best part of living in Md…blue crabs!!

The owners are from Maryland, so they know how to make a Maryland crab cake!!

Head over to St Pete’s Beach for a fun day in the sun and enjoy a great meal on the balcony at The Brass Monkey!

Maryland flag and Blue Crabs – true Marylanders

Some of the best places are off the beaten path!! Solomon’s Castle is one!

An interesting, quirky, unique castle. The outside made from aluminum! Inside, the artwork is amazing and the “boat in a moat” is worth checking out. There’s plenty of room in one of 3 sections of restaurant (seating inside or out). And the music is entertaining. It’s definetly off the beaten path, but it’s very interesting and definitely worth the drive. Mr. Solomon was very talented and imaginative, as well as humorous! The staff is extremely knowledgeable about his art, metal sculptures, stain glass and his collection of antique cars. Be prepared to spend the afternoon, it’s worth your time!

Solomon’s Castle, 4533 Solomon Rd., Ona, Florida

Try a different adventure!

We recently went to the Game Room in Orlando, Fl. This was the first for the 4 of us friends. Out of 5-6 games to try to solve, I chose the Prison Break (of course it was the hardest puzzle of them all)!! We were put in 2 different cells and had to communicate between the cells to figure out the clues so that the cell doors would open and let us out. We accomplished that part, however; we missed 1 clue along the way and our time ran out before we could get out completely. This was a blast! If your looking for fun, try one of these games!