Some of the best places are off the beaten path!! Solomon’s Castle is one!

An interesting, quirky, unique castle. The outside made from aluminum! Inside, the artwork is amazing and the “boat in a moat” is worth checking out. There’s plenty of room in one of 3 sections of restaurant (seating inside or out). And the music is entertaining. It’s definetly off the beaten path, but it’s very interesting and definitely worth the drive. Mr. Solomon was very talented and imaginative, as well as humorous! The staff is extremely knowledgeable about his art, metal sculptures, stain glass and his collection of antique cars. Be prepared to spend the afternoon, it’s worth your time!

Solomon’s Castle, 4533 Solomon Rd., Ona, Florida

Try a different adventure!

We recently went to the Game Room in Orlando, Fl. This was the first for the 4 of us friends. Out of 5-6 games to try to solve, I chose the Prison Break (of course it was the hardest puzzle of them all)!! We were put in 2 different cells and had to communicate between the cells to figure out the clues so that the cell doors would open and let us out. We accomplished that part, however; we missed 1 clue along the way and our time ran out before we could get out completely. This was a blast! If your looking for fun, try one of these games!

Nancy’s BBQ, Sarasota, Fl

We recently stopped in at Nancy’s BBQ, and it is amazing! Down home southern-style cooking. Enjoy your meal outside on picnic tables or if you prefer the A/C they have seating inside as well. Prices are reasonable and the staff are very friendly and helpful. Many choices like pulled pork, chicken, potatoes salad, coleslaw, cucumber salad, cornbread and the list goes on!

Try it, you’ll like it! We did

Located 301 S Pineapple St., Sarasota, Fl.

Have you ever tasted Hogfish?

In the town of Dunedin, Fl we discovered Hog Island Fish Camp. What a great place to try “hogfish” for the first time! Evidently, this fish is “speared” in the Gulf of Mexico. It has a sweeter taste than other fish I have tried and a nice texture somewhat like monk fish, in my opinion. We definetly will return. The staff was fantastic, very welcoming and efficient!

This is what a hogfish looks like